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6-months. 100% online. Christine Nazarenus is the CEO and co-founder of our US education partner Medical Marijuana 411 who are the global leader in online medical cannabis training. Her company was awarded the best Cannabis Education award in 2020 at the Commercial Cannabis Awards supporting her vision and drive to be best in class in everything she does. Whether you want to talk through your degree plans, learn more about a specific program, or start your application, our Enrollment Navigators are here to provide friendly support as you decide if CU Online is the right fit for your future. Start the conversation by calling us at 303-860-5604 or filling out the form above for more information. Gain the specialized training you need to enter the cannabis industry. CSC is the second State approved school for cannabis education in the United States Discover More.

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medical cannabis companies operating legally at the state level can legally list on Canadian stock exchanges and over the counter (OTC). Patients will be required to take a medical document similar to a prescription to an Ontario pharmacy to begin the process. The Ontario government proclaimed the Cannabis License Regulations on November 14, 2018, clarifying some of the anticipated ownership restrictions on private cannabis retailers and public interest considerations the Alcohol Gaming Commission of Ontario (“AGCO”) can take into account when it authorizes individual retail cannabis stores.. Look for more product coming in every day.

The Province of Ontario has designated the Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario as the provincial regulator authorized to grant store licences and ensure stores comply with all applicable federal and provincial legislation.

For example, it could take 5 grams of dried cannabis flower to make a beverage that contains 2 milligrams of THC, this beverage would have an equivalent of 5 grams so you would be able to purchase 6 of these beverages with the thirty gram limit.. Mr. Around $2bn of that loss has come in the last week. We founded The Smoke and Leaf with the goal of becoming the leading Ontario cannabis store that provides the community with the highest quality products and accessories that we would use ourselves.

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But the idea isn't so far-fetched. Marijuana can also be mixed in food (edibles), such as brownies, cookies, and candy, or brewed as a tea.

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